The World’s Finest Microsurgical Instruments

Since 1966, S&T has been developing and manufacturing outstanding microsurgical sutures and instruments for the Microsurgeon.

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S&T instruments are skillfully crafted from premium materials and are built from a solid foundation of research, expert cooperation and precision engineering. Together, we have developed some of the most innovative products in the field.

Needle Holders 
There is more to a good needle holder than meets the eye, and S&T offers the finest. Our needle holders offer a secure grip on even the smallest needle with parallel closure over the entire jaw length. Closing pressure is precisely calibrated to facilitate holding of the instrument while minimizing hand fatigue.

Vessel Dilators
S&T vessel dilators feature highly polished parallel tips. They are designed for controlled, interluminal vessel dilation. The special ball-point of the tips ensure that the dilating pressure is evenly distributed over the entire area of the vessel. This tip was designed especially for use in microsurgery and is extremely gentle to small vessels.

All S&T microsurgical scissors are skillfully handcrafted to exacting standards. The Wescott scissors feature finer blades than regular Wescotts, and the Vannas style feature finer, smaller and shorter blades for delicate vessels. Most scissors are available with round or flat handles.

Instrument Sets
• Basic Lab Set
• Basic Hand Surgery Set
• Basic Reconstructive Surgery Set
• Perforator Flap Set
• Combined Hand/Recon Set

Acland Micro Vascular Clamps
All S&T clamps are precisely calibrated to exacting standards and undergo rigorous QC testing with 100% final inspection.

Special Instruments
• Arteriotomy Clamp
• TupperHAND Retractor
• Nerve and Tendon Holding Forceps

All micro needles are work hardened, high-quality, 300 series stainless steel. Grinding geometry produces frictionless tissue penetration with our needles. The flat pressed body assures optimal stability in the needle holder, and side pressing guarantees the best bending resistance. A final inspection of each suture and needle combination assures a high quality product.

For more information or to place an order please call Customer Service at 800.510.3318 USA or 205.941.0111 or email


For more information or to place an order please call Customer Service at 800.510.3318 USA or 205.941.0111 or email