The marriage of two trusted technologies

The COUPLER and a 20 MHz ultrasonic Doppler.
The FLOW COUPLER DEVICE has been specifically designed for use in end-to-end anastomosis for the detection of blood flow in order to confirm vessel patency intra- and postoperatively at the anastomotic site.1

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The FLOW COUPLER Device is a single use, implantable device that is intended to be used in the end-to-end anastomosis of veins and arteries normally encountered in microsurgical and vascular reconstructive procedures. The FLOW COUPLER Device includes a pair of permanently implanted rings which secure the anastomosis and a removable Doppler probe that is press-fit onto one of the rings. When the FLOW COUPLER Device is used in conjunction with the FLOW COUPLER Monitor, the FLOW COUPLER System is intended to detect blood flow and confirm vessel patency intra-operatively and post-operatively at the anastomotic site. Post-operatively, blood flow can be detected on an as needed basis for up to 7 days. The FLOW COUPLER Doppler probe is not intended to be a permanent implant and should be removed 3 to 14 days post-operatively.


The FLOW COUPLER is not indicated for use in end-to-side anastomosis or for patients presenting conditions that would normally preclude microvascular repair with suture technique. Examples of such conditions include, but are not limited to:

The FLOW COUPLER Device and System is contraindicated for use in the central circulatory system.

The MCA FLOW COUPLER Device and System
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The MCA FLOW COUPLER Monitor Device and System
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GEMflow monitor animation

For more information or to place an order please call Customer Service at 800.510.3318 USA or 205.941.0111

FLOW COUPLER Intra Op Doppler

Flow Coupler IFU

For more information or to place an order please call Customer Service at 800.510.3318 USA or 205.941.0111 or email

1. Flow Coupler IFU. Synovis Micro Companies Alliance, Inc.